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The core ingredients in Primo 33 are believed by users to replicate the positive effects of the steroid Primobolan, but legally and without its side-effects. Some users have reported that lean, tight, muscular look that everybody craves.
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The Secret To Chiseled CUTS That Last FOREVER! Introducing Primo33™, The All-New "Game Changer" Believed By Many To Pack On Lean, Dense Muscle Mass And Produce Dramatic Strength Increases While Simultaneously Stripping Away Body Fat

If you’re regularly hitting the gym, training MMA, or doing any kind of cross-training, you need to get on Primo 33™ ASAP!

Key ingredients in Primo 33™ are believed to create a highly anabolic environment inside the muscle cell, meaning you could be “building muscle” almost 24 hours per day while on it.

A lot of guys use it for what they believe is a massive amount of nitrogen retention, keeping protein stores “in the muscle” to potentially help with faster recovery, and much faster increases in size and strength.

Best of all, the main component in Primo 33™ is believed by some users to maintain muscle mass during periods of catabolism. In other words, in situations where you are calorie deprived, Primo 33™ may help keep your muscle from breaking down while promoting new muscle growth. That’s where the wicked – and I mean WICKED – cuts come from.

Researchers on our team found an unpublished study that showed people taking just one of the compounds in the Primo 33 formula gained up to 7 pounds more than a “control group” of people not taking it in just 8 weeks’ time. And the craziest thing was… the group that gained 7 pounds only ate half as many calories!

The bottom line is: If you want outrageous pumps – the kind you can feel all day after lifting – then Primo 33™ is a “must have.” It’s for anyone who wants real strength – and the rock-hard, striated muscles that tell the world you’re the real deal.

Hell yes, it’s expensive… but when it comes to supplements, you really do get what you pay for.

Primo 33Primo 33™ is believed to build muscle without affecting testosterone levels – based on what researchers believe is state-of-the-art Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) technology that they think creates a highly anabolic (muscle building) environment in the body without the negative side-effects like breast tissue or shrunken testicles. Quite honestly, would you sacrifice your balls just to save a few bucks? (I didn’t think so…)

Pick up Primo 33™ ASAP and start getting ripped to the bone QUICK!

Dane Fletcher

Dane Fletcher

PUMPED Magazine
Primal Muscle Sports Supplements

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