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"This formula is crazy – no one is doing anything like this" -30 Year Supplement Formulation Specialist. PlasmaVar is the end-all-be-all when it comes to muscle building, performance enhancers… There is literally nothing on the market like this.

Hardcore - Stacked formula designed to:

  • Create Wicked Pumps
  • Blast hGH Levels
  • Pop Sick Vascularity
  • Deliver Workout-Crushing Energy and Drive
  • Improve Brain Function and Focus (nootropic properties)
  • Enhance Recovery
  • Amplify Androgen Receptors
  • Increase Protein Synthesis For Faster Muscle Building (uses protein you eat to build muscle)
  • Regulate Insulin To Maximize Body Recomposition (helps you stay lean, while packing on mass)
  • Shuttle Oxygen and Nutrients Straight Into Muscle via Enhanced Blood Flow and Volume

PlasmaVar was designed to DOMINATE these 4 areas:

Blood Volume - It was designed to give SICK pumps, deliver massive surges of blood and oxygen to working muscles – seriously, you have NEVER felt pumps like this – these are the kind of pumps that last all day!

hGH Production - PlasmaVar contains several compounds included in the proprietary formula to blast endogenous growth hormone levels. Increasing GH means you’re going to get super swole, but also cut at the same time.

Energy - We’re not talking about caffeine, stimulant, or cracked-out energy. This is going to be some hyper-focused, super intense, non-jittery focus and drive designed to help you think faster, CRUSH workouts, and maintain a sense of well-being all day. There is no crashing, or tweaking on this stuff – it’s clean.

Muscle Building – It contains several compounds included in the formula to support lean mass building – and it works on many different levels – from boosting testosterone, to amplifying testosterone receptors, to enhancing protein synthesis, and speeding up recovery – it’s like taking a few of the top steroids all at once.

Steroid Comparison:
This is like stacking GH, EPO and Anadrol 50.

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