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Dear Iron Warrior,

This Is For Real, No B.S., So Please CHECK THIS OUT!

There’s an ultra-powerful, "underground" supplement on the market that a lot of guys believe not only supersedes the overall anabolic effects of prescription testosterone… it also exceeds the “economic effects” as well*!

So, how is this humanly possible?

Well, for starters, not everyone realizes this, but the BEST way to get more Testosterone in your system is by increasing your body's own natural output.

A Lot Of People Are DEAD WRONG About
How To Get More Muscle-Building Testosterone

They think that Testosterone injections are the best way to increase Testosterone output... but guess what?

Testosterone injections (and TRT, etc.) are a "synthetic" form of Testosterone that actually SHUT DOWN your body's natural testosterone production.

And here's even more bad news...

Once you start taking that "synthetic test" - you CAN'T come off!

That's right - you gotta keep shooting that stuff forever. The reason for that is, the presence of synthetic testosterone in your body means that your endocrine system no longer has to bear the burden of making more testosterone... there is already plenty to go around.

That is, until you want to come off.

Then you're screwed.

And I didn't even mention all the other B.S. that goes along with steroid/testosterone injections... "script" money for your doc, the cost of the drugs, the risk of painful, oozing abscesses, and of course, getting busted.

There Is A MUCH BETTER Way To Blast
Testosterone Levels And GET JACKED

OK - so now that we're on the same page about Testosterone injections and injectable steroids - let's talk about a better way to skin this cat.

There is a new supplement that has been making its way around the bodybuilding underground that is very, very different than the "old fashioned" way of building muscle with testosterone shots.

It’s called Androxybol™ and it contains what some guys are calling “Androgen Releasing Factors” (ARF's) - the concept meaning it was designed to help support an increase in testosterone production in 2 ways*...

First, a lot of guys believe it increases the natural amount of testosterone your body normally produces*.

And second - in addition to this reported virtual flood gate of new testosterone production… a lot of users report a much more “heightened” effect of all this new testosterone because one of the active ingredients in Androxybol™, bodybuilders are using to CRUSH sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) - this sometimes nasty is the your body's "governer" on testosterone levels*.

Users Report Blasting Test Levels, Packing On MASS
CRUSHING Workouts & Getting RIPPED*!

And obviously, that’s exactly what you want… lots of unbound testosterone in your bloodstream, doing what it does best… increasing that all-important protein synthesis process to maximum limits… just like real anabolics, but legally.

You gotta give this stuff a try and set the stage for muscle growth that you have not seen in months… even years*!

Oh, and one other place a lot of guys feel the effects... is in the BEDROOM! Be careful though… because she might not ever let you leave*!

Don't wait - this stuff can disappear any time... so stock up while you can. Trust me - you are going to LOVE the results!

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